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"BE YOUR BEST SELF" by exploring internships and co-op positions in various disciplines within our businesses located around the globe. A career at Barnes Group is a terrific way to attain real-world experience with an innovative and philanthropic company. Each day will bring exciting challenges while you learn about our organization and gain supportive colleagues and friends. Our goal is to not just provide a job or an internship but also help you build the beginning stages of a rewarding career.

Find out which Barnes Group career path is right for you. Join us and experience the countless applications of our innovative products!

Meet Our Interns and Co-ops:
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“I am fortunate that I am beginning my career with an organization that goes out of its way to ensure their employees have all the tools they need to succeed. My manager and co-workers continuously encouraged my success by mentoring and guiding me wherever possible. Now my internship transitioned into a full-time career where I can say I still receive the same support.”

Rachel Skope

meet co-ops

“I’m a detail-oriented person, so it’s helpful to be on a team with like-minded individuals when tackling a lot of the engineering challenges we face. As an engineering intern here, I’m utilizing my background in robotics and computer programming, as well as my experience with quality testing processes to man some of the projects involving robotic mechanisms in shot peen. I’m enjoying the experience, and it’s an amazing opportunity to become well-versed in the field and use the concepts I learned in school for real-world applications.”

Ross Ackeifi

meet co-ops

“My manager has exposed me to and guided me through a diverse range of projects that have developed both my written and design abilities. At Barnes Group, I truly feel that my perspective is valued and I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to create and edit content that is used by the company. Beyond the skills that I have refined in my internship with Barnes, I have also gained valuable feedback – supporting my growth and energizing me to take on the next challenge in my career.”

Meghan Farrell

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