Barnes Careers

The skilled and dedicated employees of Barnes Group around the globe are committed to the highest performance standards and achieving consistent, sustainable profitable growth.

About Barnes Group

Barnes Group Inc (NYSE: B) is a global provider of highly engineered products, differentiated industrial technologies, and innovative solutions, serving a wide range of end markets and customers. Its specialized products and services are used in far-reaching applications including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, automation, healthcare, and packaging. By exercising our expertise across two highly integrated, collaborative, and far-reaching global business segments, Industrial and Aerospace, Barnes Group has embraced a "One Team, One Company" philosophy while establishing an unparalleled reputation for excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Barnes Group maintains our longstanding reputation by founding the organization and its business segments on one common underpinning: the pursuit of operational excellence. In order to achieve operational excellence, we recruit the best and brightest people to our team. We are proud to commission a cadre of empowered, highly skilled employees within each of our global businesses. By encouraging our workforce to operate with an eye towards leadership, development, and collaboration, we empower them to help refine our progressive processes and, in turn, develop specialized products that are unmatched in quality worldwide. Collectively, these elements are crucial to ensuring that we provide superior customer service, achieve continuous improvement, and experience enhanced global growth across the organization.

Barnes Group's robust infrastructure is reinforced by the Barnes Enterprise System's (BES) culture of improvement. Our company-wide focus on integrity, team building, and collaboration cultivates our capacity for adaptation and innovation. This culture fosters process improvement and drives efficiency of service through techniques such as Lean manufacturing, which allow for increased productivity, greater economic efficiency, and extreme levels of operational excellence.

The cornerstones of our organization have positioned Barnes Group in a way that allows us to work with an eye toward emerging technologies and growing end markets. As globalization continues to generate opportunities for growth, we are prepared to adapt and innovate to meet business demands. Our "One Team, One Company" philosophy, emphasis on BES, and our capacity to evolve has allowed Barnes Group and our global businesses to thrive for more than 163 years. And while we have accrued many corporate accomplishments in our long history, at Barnes Group, we believe that the future is now, and we are committed to crafting the solutions that will help build it.